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Dental Procedures
in London

Helpful Descriptions and Explanations


Below you will find the most common cosmetic dental procedures in London with a short introduction.If you would like to know in more detail about any of these procedures - please contact us.

Read our dental procedure - London guide which covers

  • Teeth Whitening (London & North West London)
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Same Day Dentures

before you look for a cosmetic dentist in London. It's important to know in advance what is and is not possible, and what your expectations of the dental work should be.



Teeth Whitening

A very common dental procedure is making a person's teeth whiter. teeth whitening london

Teeth whitening come in many different types, varying from do-it-yourself kits at home to professional laser teeth whitening, or Zoom teeth whitening.

In general, results with home kits are poor. Professional dental procedures have a much more noticeable impact.

Find out more about Teeth Whitening in London



Dental Crown

A dental crown procedure generally involves bonding porcelain,dental crowns lodnon or even gold, imitation of the original tooth to what is left of the tooth, which may be left as is, or filed down.

The decayed enamel is removed prior to the crowning.

The advantage of dental crowns is they can be made from materials which require high temperature preparations, such as fired porcelain or molten metal, which is not possible inside the mouth of a patient.

A dental crown can be inconspicuous, or designed to make a visual impact.Take a look at some more information on Dental Crowns in London



Dental Implants

A dental implant replaces a tooth which has been removed due to damage or decay. A titanium peg is screwed into the jawbone and a replacement tooth is attached to it.

This relatively invasive dental procedure has the benefit of being a very solid, permanent replacement for a missing tooth.Please see here for more advice and info on having Dental Implants in London

dental implants london



Same Day Dentures

dentres london

If you require full or partial dentures, repair or replacement of existing dentures, then same day dentures are a good option for you. It's convenient to get this dental procedure done in a single session.

We can advise you whether your particular case is appropriate for same day denture work.See an overview and more information on Same Day Dentures in London




Dental Veneers – Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers.

All the following dental procedures are great for turning you stained, chipped and damaged teeth into a glowing string or pearly whites.

Please discover in more detail how these procedures vary and more importantly which one will ultimately be the right one for you.

dental venner london

Dental Veneers -Overview and More Information
Porcelain Veneers - Teeth Like the Stars
The Magic of Using Lumineers For Your Teeth - See Why!



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Looking for dental crowns, same day dentures, dental implants or tooth, teeth whitening. London has some of the best cosmetic dentist available.

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