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Teeth Whitening London

Having White Teeth Has Never Been Easier


There is growing demand for cosmetic teeth whitening in London.london teeth whitening l If you're considering this procedure, we're happy to advise you.

There are many reasons that our teeth change colour. Regular cleaning by a dental hygienist will remove the plaque build-up on your tooth enamel.

However, over time, consumption of staining foods, like red wine, coffee, tea and soft drinks will have a permanent effect on the whiteness of your teeth.


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

If you're considering getting a teeth whitening treatment in London, you might be wondering how it works and whether it's safe.

Laser, or Zoom, teeth whitening is a very common practice, used all over the world. Your dentist applies a gel to the visible tooth enamel. This is then activated by a special lamp. Typically the entire process takes one hour and can have a dramatic improvement on the whiteness of your teeth.

The process is painless and can be scheduled just like a regular dental appointment.


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