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Cosmetic Dentistry in London.

Prices & Payment Plans



Cosmetic dentistry in London is more affordable than you think.  dentist londonWhile it's true that extreme cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, most of the procedures carried out by dentists, such as tooth veneers, laser tooth whitening, or denture repair, are within the reach of most people.

On the occasions where you will be faced with a substantial outlay, there are plenty of ways to spread the cost of cosmetic dental surgery, including attractive payment plans. You can benefit from a new smile today and enjoy low repayments, spread over a comfortable repayment period.


What Does a Cosmetic Dentist in London Charge?

What does cosmetic dental work cost? Dental work prices vary greatly from dentist to dentist, but our tariff is extremely competitive:

Zoom teeth whitening from £375
Laser tooth whitening from £300
Invisible braces   from £3,500
Tooth veneers   from £700
Tooth implants from £1,000
Same day dentures from £875
Partial dentures from £875
Denutre repair from £175

You should always discuss payment options with your cosmetic dentist before agreeing to a procedure or course of treatment.

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